Sunday, October 13, 2019

Choices You Must Go for in the Best SEO in 2020

The objective of the SEO promotion campaign is to bring the site on the first Google page, in search of the important words for your business. On the first page, Google shows 17 results, 7 Adwords ads (see method 1, Google Adwords) and 10 organic results. Each Google page displays 10 organic results, in order of their (authority) importance. You should go for the Common Sense SEO in that case now and that is the reason you should know the followings too.
To reach the first page (organic results) we need to overcome the importance of competing sites. This is achieved both by internal optimization of the site (on page), as well as by increasing its authority in the online environment, obtaining relevant links to it, on other sites (backlinks).
  • invest in your site, obtaining a better structure
  • you pay nothing per click, when someone accesses your site
  • Higher loading speed
  • relevant pages for your visitors’ searches, which results in a superior browsing experience
  • getting targeted visitors
  • Positive ROI in the medium and long term
  • The time when the site reaches the front page is higher, compared to the promotion of Adwords
  • In the short term, SEO is expensive because the results appear after 3-6 months
  • You must keep the promotion campaign active, even when you touch the first page, to maintain the obtained positioning
  • The promotion method always adapts to the criteria taken into account by Google
5 other recent discoveries:
Meta keywords
Get rid of them, lower your position in search.
Meta description
Including keywords in Meta description improves search ranking.
Video embedd-look
The videos on YouTube included in the content of the page do not help increase the position in Google search. On the contrary, they can decrease it, because they tend to decrease the page loading speed.
Social networks
The social media accounts associated with your own e-commerce site are an excellent move in terms of SEO.
Phone number
Google puts you higher in results if you have a normal phone number associated with the site.
You already know that almost everyone has a Facebook account, so there are your customers. Through the Facebook Ads service, we can display the advertisement of your site to Facebook users, based on demographics, interests and behaviors.
Online branding, becoming known, increases the popularity of your business
Once you draw the profile of the ideal client, you can set your audience exactly for the right advertisement
Interaction with your audience
In conclusion, the method of promotion that is right for you depend on your goals, in the short, medium and long term. If you need customers right away, the best way to get them is Google Adwords. If you want to invest in your site and you plan to benefit from a healthy presence in the online, medium and long term, SEO is perfect for you. Choose Facebook Ads if you need popularity, customer interaction and brand awareness. Also, Facebook promotional campaigns have extraordinary effects if you activate on niche fashion or if you sell consumer products.

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